• const { TokenApi } = require("@unity-services/vivox-0.1");




Static Generate Vivox Token

  • generateVivoxToken(key: string, payload: Payload): string
  • Player access to Vivox resources is controlled through Vivox access tokens. Vivox access tokens contain a payload that defines the privileged operation, are signed by the game server by using a token signing key, and are delivered by the client to the Vivox system when the player wants to perform a privileged operation.

    A Vivox access token is similar to a JSON Web Token, but instead has an empty access token header.

    Access tokens have the following characteristics:

    • You can only use a token once. After you use a token for the privileged operation, it cannot be reused.
    • Tokens expire even if they are never used. You cannot use a token cannot after the expiration time that is set by the token issuer.

    Game clients require access tokens to perform operations in the Vivox system.

    • Game client-generated tokens - use for prototyping or testing purposes
    • Secure game server-generated tokens - use for the secure deployment of a production game and to avoid token errors due to user time settings

    Note that before either a client or a server can generate a token, you need a token issuer and a token signing key. For more information, see Where do I find my custom application credentials? in the Vivox Developer Support Portal.


    Generates and returns a Vivox access token.


    • key: string

      The Vivox key to sign the token with

    • payload: Payload

      The payload of the token

    Returns string